It’s been a flat out busy summer with book signings all over the place, sales and events more of which later, BUT the very exciting news is that Milky Moments was put forward by Pinter and Martin, the publisher, for the People’s Book Prize 2016 … and the book was selected to be a contender, and it’s all down to a public vote (please vote!!).

Hurrah hurrah hurrah … cartwheels being done around the room!

The way it works is that each quarter (think season), 8 selected books are put forward for the public vote, at the end of the quarter, the top 3 most voted for go through to the final (a frenzy of public voting) in May 2016.

So … Milky Moments is one of the 8 books featured on the Autumn list of contenders, voting opened on 1st September and closes on 31st November… and the book needs votes in order to be shortlisted as a finalist.

This matters so hugely to me, not just on a personal level (first book up for an award etc etc), but because so many of the mainstream publications haven’t reviewed Milky Moments (“too niche” apparently as people allegedly don’t breastfeed for long and not that many people do … arrgghhhhhh), so the idea that this lovely children’s book could be shortlisted for such a prestigious prize is quite wonderful. It will not only put the book under a spotlight and bring it to a wider audience, but it brings the importance of breastfeeding and normalising it in popular culture out as well.

So … please please vote for our little book.

Thank you … it takes a minute to register, you can vote only once (per email address), and you can also leave (but don’t have to) a comment / short review.

Please encourage your friends, neighbours, family and really anyone who has ever breastfed, or supported someone who has, or has ever been breastfed, or who just wants to support a first book do well in a market full of books by celebs!!

Thank you so much : )