Milky Moments is a beautiful rhyming picture book for children and their families. Written by Ellie Stoneley, the book tells stories of family life and depicts breastfeeding as a very normal part of it. With hand painted illustrations by Jessica D’Alton Goode, Milky Moments was published in May 2015 by Pinter and Martin.

The first print run sold out, and the book is now available worldwide on every major book site online and from many independent (and chain booksellers). Milky Moments received a warm welcome from parents, children and healthcare professionals and only 5 star reviews from around the world. Cards and limited edition signed and numbered prints are now for sale on this site, along with a numbered collectable knitted bear called Eric (he stars in the book), and collectable felted nursing dolls. You can also find you all you need to know about buying a copy of Milky Moments on this website.

A Vote for Breastfeeding

Voting for the 2015/16 Children’s book of the year in the prestigious People’s Book Prize is now open … until the day of the award ceremony on 12th July. Please do consider voting, and telling everyone you know to, for Milky Moments.

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Awards & Reviews

Milky Moments WON the Children’s Book of the Year award at the prestigious People’s Book Prize. This is hugely exciting. The winners are chosen entirely by public vote, which makes the award all the more wonderful and very humbling!! 2016-07-12-21-09-32Hurrah! Thank you!
and oh my word, it’s so important for a little rhyming picture book for children depicting daily family life with breastfeeding as just a normal part of what goes on. The awards were broadcast by Sky TV and were hosted by Sir Frederick Forsyth, Ellie and Jessica both attended and were totally overwhelmed to win.


Feeling a bit bah-humbug about the list game going round at the moment but then thought I'd come up with a breastfeeding version ... and offer a (signed, paperback) copy of Milky Moments for a bit of fun.

So, a list of 10 places I breastfed small person, only one of them isn't true ... which one?

On a massage chair in an electronics superstore.

At at LLL meeting in the UK, one in Ireland and one in California.

During the sermon in church.

At a Bruce Springsteen concert.

At the Milky Moments book launch.

On the Isle of Wight Ferry.

In a mobile phone shop.

While having my legs waxed.

Hidden by the table in a committee meeting.

During a radio interview.

Feel free to share this 'quiz', I guess it all helps spread the word that breastfeeding any time anywhere it's required is PERFECTLY NORMAL.

In fact, I'll leave it to run 24 hours and then from the 'successful' guessers, I'll get small person to pull a name and that person can have a signed paperback copy of Milky Moments posted to them.
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Some sage advice from LLL GB ... I so clearly remember at 6 months feeding small person and someone that had given me alot of encouragement to bf in the beginning, saying, "are you still doing that?" ... See MoreSee Less

Almost as soon as breastfeeding is going well, people seem to start asking when you intend to stop! Coping with pressure from others to stop breastfeeding is not easy, but you will know in your heart ...

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Happy happy Easter ... See MoreSee Less

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Milky Moments shared Breastfeeding - WBTi UK's WBTi video. ... See MoreSee Less

Breastfeeding matters for mums, babies and society. The WBTi report for the UK shows key gaps and recommendations for improvement in how the UK Government ought to support mothers who want to breas...

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Love this ... See MoreSee Less

Why Sharon has knitted hundreds of woollen breasts for women she’s never met. (via BBC Stories)

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Love this from wonderful Hollie McNish ...for more, check out her insightful observant wisdom at Hollie Poetry ... See MoreSee Less

“Someone said that mums are the rocks that never crumble. I don’t think that’s true, ‘cause I do.” Lines from poet Hollie McNish, who’s been awarded the prestigious Ted Hughes Award.

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Milky Moments by Ellie Stoneley and illustrated by Jessica D’Alton Goode

“A delightful picture book that normalizes breastfeeding for young children. I was entranced by the images; they brought me back to my own childhood which was surrounded by family, nursing women and a feeling of happiness and love.”Jacque Gerrard, Director for England, Royal College of Midwives

“A welcome addition to many a bookshelf.” La Leche League, GB

“the words capture everything I’ve ever wanted to tell my children about breastfeeding” – Claire, mother of two.

At home, in hospital or out and about, every beautifully illustrated scene tells a story about day-to-day family life and loving milky moments.

Heart-warming, enchanting and fun, with a small bear called Eric to find on every page, this is a book to treasure that children will love to explore time and again.

With careful attention paid to positioning, Milky Moments also gently educates and informs about breastfeeding, whatever your age.


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