Eric the bear


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Eric the bear appears on almost every page of Milky Moments, and finding him has provided endless fun for all our readers.

For the launch events of Milky Moments in May 2015, a friend of the author suggested her mother would be able to knit two Erics for raffle prizes. They were gorgeous and much in demand, so we’ve decided to bring out a limited edition, individually numbered (it’s sewn onto his tummy), hand knitted, and totally unique Collectable Erics (well 100 of them to be precise, no more, no less).

Now is your chance to have your very own Collectors Edition, handmade and numbered Eric the bear, or to buy one for a friend.

They’re absolutely lovely!

As every Eric is knitted by hand, if stock runs low, turn around time for orders may be up to a week, but he will be well worth the wait.

Eric the bear costs £15 + post and packaging.




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