Milky Moments is on sale in a very special shop : )

I posted the signed and dated publishing contract for Milky Moments back to Pinter and Martin from the Cherry Hinton Road Post Office in Cambridge … it’s a fabulous little local shop full of children’s toys and books alongside all the post office ‘stuff’ … and I am so proud and happy that they are the first shop (as far as I know) in the country to be selling Milky Moments (rather than all the many online outlets where it’s been selling like hot cakes).

Supporting local business really matters to me … in time we’ll be on the shelves of every book, toy, parenting, baby, childrens shop in the land (world perhaps), but how fab that this is the first … They are so happy to support me they put up the newspaper cutting of my article.

If you’re in Cambridge or passing by do pop in and give them a high five … and buy one of the 10 copies they have in stock before they’re all sold out. Thank you Demi and Mick for your support. I’m planning a book reading in wonderful Balzanos next door later in the month as well … a perfect place to sit and nurse a small person (as I have many times), drink a latte and enjoy pretending to be in Italy.
Why why why does anyone go to supermarkets? shop local that’s what I say …