Well that’s it, I’ve told the world, and now we’re open for business … first time for everything I guess … turning 50 and getting a book published the same year and now selling all sorts of Milky Moments related prints, cards, dolls and even Eric the bear.teddy

Huge thanks to lovely Ken Eastwood from Digital Nomads for his help getting the site up and running and putting up with my technical incompetence and lack of logic and for patiently advising on how to do things … I’m getting there now but wouldn’t have done without his help.

Starting with just a little bit of stock (what a grown up word), to see what people are interested in, and will reorder once that’s clear, but quite aside from limited edition launch prints signed by Jess and I, and numbered, there are lovely greetings cards … my mother gave me one for my birthday a few weeks ago with made me smile, but also every time I see it amongst all the other birthday cards, I realise just how very beautiful the illustrations are … the result of literally months and months of work… and the truly lovely hand knitted (by very talented mother of a friend of mine who has knitted a number onto each one’s bottom) Erics. Eric the bear appears on almost every page of Milky Moments and in every main illustraton. He was inspired by a small knitted bear given to my daughter when she was christened, called Eric after the husband of the person that gave him to us. Every Eric is different in the book, and every knitted bear is different too, with a different detachable outfit. Eric will make small folk and their adults very happy!

Renata Doll imageI’m also thrilled we’re going to be able to sell the gorgeous nursing Mama and Child dolls made by Renata Stenczel … each one hand crafted and needle felted. They are beautiful, I know this because she gave me one as a present to celebrate the book launch, of my daughter and I having our own Milky Moment. Every one is individual, every one unique … in due course we may offer made to measure with bespoke hair colour etc but for now these beautiful dolls are to cherish and use as a reminder of your own breastfeeding journey, or to inspire another.

So … hurrah hurrah hurrah … the blog will pick up reviews and other random facts you might enjoy, so keep popping back, and well feature any media coverage for Milky Moments, if we can persuade the media that breastfeeding isn’t too niche for their readers! (Yup we were told that by the parenting section of a big national broadsheet newspaper).

Right onwards … small person’s just woken up and wants some milky this hot July night.