Amazing news, Milky Moments has made the final! It’s been voted into the final of the prestigious People’s Book Prize in the Children’s Literature category.

Not only did the book, this little book for children, get voted through, it got voted through top of the Autumn list of finalists from the 8 contenders that were up for the public to vote on.

All terribly exciting, and also incredibly humbling, some of the comments on the voting page made me cry …

Everything will go a little quiet for now gearing up to the main final between 12 voted for finalists in May and the grand gala awards ceremony later in the month. So … look at the wonderful comments (you can still add one there as well), and prepare your voting finger for May!

Thanks to everyone that voted, for your support in sharing the link, this kind of thing means the world to Jess and I but also will make a difference to the breastfeeding community as a whole with the message that breastfeeding, in and outdoors, is a perfectly normal part of day to day life.

Woo hoooo in the final … how amazing and wonderful is that?!

What on earth do you wear to an awards ceremony?! and one that’s broadcast live on Sky TV … yoikes!!