We were over in Ireland earlier on in the summer visiting family, and I got in touch with a bookshop, a beautiful wonderful bookshop in Sligo. They were one of the very first bookshops to sell Milky Moments.

I found out about Liber Books as someone posted a picture up on Facebook of an array of books they’d bought for their local playgroup, one of the books was Milky Moments.

So, when I realised quite how close Liber are to where we were going to be I approached them, was told the book is a steady seller and they said I was welcome to come in and sign Milky Moments.

Lovely drive along the west coast of Ireland to Sligo, found this marvellous bookshop (which also has a marvellous selection of Irish music at the back), and was met by lovely Brian the shop owner. Signed a few books and then heard a small person squeaking with delight, she’d found Mummy’s book for sale, “Look Mama”, then another squeal and a gasp, “it’s next to Peppa Pig”. It was also in the parenting section next to the Womanly Art of Breastfeeding which seemed apt as well.

It’s great that the book is for sale on every major platform online from Amazon to Wordery to Foyles to Barnes and Noble, and many many more across the world, but I love the idea that small independent bookshops and online platforms are carrying it too. The Hive is a useful platform as well as it supports lots of local bookshops.

So, to that end, if you’re in Sligo, pop in perhaps and pick up a copy from Liber, and tell Brian what a good man he is for stocking it, and thank his business partner (his wife Ailbhe) for bringing the recommendation for Milky Moments back from a local mother’s group for them to sell.

Or if you’re looking online there’s a lovely Facebook shop front called Little Leaves Bookstore who are featuring Milky Moments this month with a discount offer until the end of September.

Do let me know if you’re a bookshop, toy shop, post office, local store, coffee shop and would like to stock Milky Moments or would like me to come and do a book signing or reading, or run a session around public breastfeeding and the importance of normalising it … and if you’re a fan of books and local pop into your local shop and suggest that they stock it …

Milky Moments is published by Pinter and Martin Publishers who work with various national distribution types and the ISBN is: 9781780662558, the book comes in hardback and in paperback.


Oh and one more thing, don’t forget to vote for Milky Moments in the People’s Book Prize … thank you, and ask everyone you know to vote as well, we so want to get through to the final!!